Safeguarding your personal process.

Open group sessions of one to one and a half hour experiencing Business Yoga with others. Working in a group situation adds an extra dimension because you experience yourself differently in an environment with other people. This is called group consciousness. Your personal process becomes embedded in the environment and is therefore a guarantee of your personal growth.

During the sessions, you will receive professional support and there is room for questions and exchanging experiences and insights.

Various locations.

Group session can be offered at various locations and in most parts of Holland. Check with your personal coach where is the nearest location to your home.



"The course has made me more aware and I have more peace of mind. I have experienced that through a combination of relaxation and perseverance I can overcome certain barriers"

Stephen Hodes / consultant, lector, coach


Would you like to know more? We will be happy to visit you and explain the Business Yoga concept.
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